TV18 The Government Channel

TV18 is a joint department equally controlled and operated between the City of Gainesville and Hall County Governments.  Its purpose is to provide timely and accurate information about city / county services, activities and opportunities to the citizens of Gainesville and Hall County.  The station also carries information about the city and county public school systems. 

For more information about the TV18 operation, please contact Station Manager Ronny Childs at 770-538-4775 or

*TV18 is now seen on Charter Cable channel 180*

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Gainesville City Council

Hall County Board of Commissioners

Eye on Gainesville

Hall County Connection

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Production Capabilities

TV18 has two full time employees who handle the day-to-day needs of the station. They work with city and county representatives to ensure TV18 information and programming is visually interesting and available to citizens who receive the channel on their cable carrier’s basic service package. The TV18 government / education access signal is carried on Charter Communications on Channel number 18 and on Comcast Communications on Channel number 23.  TV18 staff produce over 80 videos each year including regular city / county meetings, monthly shows, Blue Sky Concerts Live from the Downtown Square, the Annual Memorial Day Parade, and several special recording requests from city and county representatives.