City Manager

Message from City Manager Bryan Lackey

"The mission of the City of Gainesville is to enrich the community by practicing good stewardship of resources and by providing exemplary services for all people. The City's core values include integrity, innovation, responsiveness and teamwork.

"As the City manager, it's my responsibility to implement the policies and services adopted by the Gainesville City Council. Twelve departments and 800-plus employees serve on the team to make visions realities in this close-knit community.

"The City utilizes fiscally conservative policies to oversee its $124 million budget, which has resulted in a low millage rate, minimal debt levels and pay-as-you-go capital programs. These strengths are expected to allow the City sufficient flexibility to meet many challenges in the foreseeable future.

"I welcome you to visit Gainesville to personally experience the beauty and hospitality our great City offers."

  1. Bryan Lackey

    Bryan Lackey

    City Manager

  1. Angela Sheppard

    Angela Sheppard

    Assistant City Manager

  1. Christina Santee

    Christina Santee

    Public Relations Manager

  1. Denise Jordan

    Denise Jordan

    City Clerk