Code of Ordinances

Charter, Code of Ordinances & Unified Land Development Code

The City of Gainesville was chartered Nov. 30, 1821. The charter defines the City's form of government and its powers. The most current charter was approved by Gov. Nathan Deal April 11, 2012. To view the City's code of ordinances click here.

Ordinances are written statutes, rules and regulations. They can be repealed or amended upon the passage of another ordinance. Many ordinances are codified, i.e., compiled into one formal document, for reference purposes. Ordinances that abandon, annex, zone or rezone defined tracts of property are not codified. The same is true for ordinances that levy taxes, i.e., set the millage rate.

Responsibility of the City Clerk

The city clerk is responsible for maintaining the charter, code of ordinances and the Unified Land Development Code for the City of Gainesville.