Comprehensive Plan

Two People Looking at Development ProjectsThe City of Gainesville updated its 20-year Comprehensive Plan in June of 2012. The new plan takes stock of how Gainesville has changed over the last ten years while planning for continued growth in challenging economic times. It builds on the strong precedent established by local efforts like the Midtown Greenway, the Neighborhood Planning Units, and Vision 2030. The Comprehensive Plan is a document by and for the Citizens of Gainesville. Thank you to all the Citizens who participated in the Comprehensive Plan process.

Future Development MapWhy We Do This

  • Gainesville has experienced many changes after the last comprehensive plan was completed in 2004, and anticipates more changes in the near future.
  • Gainesville has emerged as one of Georgia's most competitive and entrepreneurial locations and should continue to position itself to take full advantage of positive business trends and opportunities.
  • Gainesville remains the capital of the Northeast Mountains with a quality of life driven by Lake Lanier, good access to healthcare, and a small-town style increasingly in demand among seniors and young families.
  • Gainesville is located on one of the most important - and evolving - regional transportation corridors in the country.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

  • Adequate and affordable housing
  • Administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs
  • A community-based long-term roadmap for a city or county to achieve
  • Efficient infrastructure investments
  • A growing/balanced economy
  • Multi-jurisdictional coordination
  • Preserves a municipality's Qualified Local Government status
  • Protection of important resources

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