Unclaimed Water Refunds

The Department of Water Resources is looking for individuals who are due more than $24,000 in refunds from closed water accounts. Amy Bennett, Finance and Administration Division Manager, said the refunds date back to July 2011. We have exhausted all efforts to get in touch with the customers on the list. We really hope some of these people will come forward so we can settle their accounts and not have to turn this money over to the state, Bennett said.

Accounts prior to June 2011 have been turned over to the State of Georgia as unclaimed per the State regulations. Customers and former customers who think they might be due a refund should check the list on the city website. If your name is listed please call the Department of Water Resources at 770-535-6878 or contact Customer Service.

They will need time to process the paperwork before any checks can be issued. The Department of Water Resources serves around 50,000 accounts.