Passport Fees

Frances Meadows Aquatics and Fitness Center a variety of choices to fit your budget and your needs.

  • Pools Only
  •  Fit + includes pools and classes or pools and fitness center (90 Day and Annual Passports Available)
  •  Fit + Advantage includes pools, classes and fitness center (90 Day and Annual Passports Available)
  •  Drop in to Fitness Class: $6
  •  Lap Swim:  In County Residents: $3 per visit  and Out of County Residents: $4 per visit

Seniors, 60 and over, receive a 30% discount on 90 Day, Annual, Fit + and Fit + Advantage passports. Appropriate sales tax, based on passport, will be applied.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards only.  No cash allowed.

Purchase your 90 Day Passport  May 24 through May 28 to receive 20% off!
Passports purchased May 24 through May 28 will be valid through Labor Day.

Patrons with a Pools Only Passport can access the warm pool, the competitive pool, and the outdoor Splash Zone when in season.  
Currently the indoor pools are closed to public swim and are only available for lap swim, classes and independent adult exercise. 

Pools Only - Daily

Cost - In CountyCost - Out of County
Ages 2 and underfreefree
Ages 3 to 59$7$9
Ages 60 and over$5$7
Lap Swim During Lap Swim Times$3$4
Group Rates - 10+ Visitors$5$7

Pools Only - 90 Day

Cost - In CountyCost - Out of County
Family of 2$125$170
Family of 3$150$200
Family of 4$175$235
Family of 5$210$280
Family of 6 or More$245$325

Pools Only - Annual

Cost - In CountyCost - Out of County
Family of 2$225$305
Family of 3$250$340
Family of 4$275$370
Family of 5$310$420
Family of 6 or more$345$465
  1. Fit +
  2. Fit + Advantage
  3. Fitness Center